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  1. Foundation of a Ferplast branch in Portugal

    Foundation of a Ferplast branch in Portugal

    In 1992, the Brazilian company Ferplast (Industry and Commerce of Plastic and Tooling Parts) decided to open a Branch in Portugal, choosing the city of Viana Do Castelo as a solution to expand the company's business, due to the proximity of a Bosch Group, for the proximity of some infrastructures, such as sea port, airport (located 60 km) and because we are very close to Spain, a place that would become one of the the main starting points for export to the whole of Europe. In that same year a space with an area of ​​3800 m2 is rented, already with a factory area of ​​1000 m2 and with the potential of being able to be enlarged by at least another 1000m2. Thus begins the establishment of a company dedicated to the transformation of technical plastics into plastic parts for the various sectors of industry. During 1992, the company, in addition to the logistic and technical support of the Ferplast company, acquired two injection machines with 15 tons of closing force, which would be used for the production of 2 components whose molds, however, were transferred to Portugal, thus becoming the Portuguese Ferplast Branch to produce its first components for the Blaupunkt brand car industry. A new cycle began.

  2. Designation changed for VianaPlásticos

    Designation changed for VianaPlásticos

    In the period between 1992 and 1995, Ferplast Portuguesa, with the aim of making its branch management more autonomous, changed its name to VianaPlásticos Lda., Winning new clients such as Philips de Ovar, which was dedicated to the production of electronic components and started to enter new markets in the European Space, namely in Spain through the company DalphiMetal, a family company that was dedicated at that time to the production of steering wheels for automobiles, is the first foray of VianaPlásticos in the automotive sector proper. In that same year, the purchase of equipment for the injection area was intensified, and we increased the human-made locksmithing sector for the construction of molds internally, with the acquisition of cutting equipment by wire, erosion penetrating, grinding and milling machines, however the whole design part and the production of some components for the tools / molds was supported by the know-how of Ferplast Brazil.

  3. ISO 9001 Certification

    ISO 9001 Certification

    VianaPlásticos starts its ISO 9001 certification process, and in that same year the Certification was implemented, thus opening new horizons in the Automotive Industry and new markets outside the European context

  4. Exportation expansion outside the EU zone

    Exportation expansion outside the EU zone

    As a result of the ISO 9001 Certification, and from the need of our customers, VianaPlásticos starts exporting to Asia and the USA, this being a new turning point, opening new markets outside the European Space.

  5. Puchase of Facilities

    Puchase of Facilities

    VianaPlásticos makes a proposal for the acquisition of the facilities that is accepted by the owner of the installations and thus can modernize the company in the way that it wanted both inside and outside, in particular for the entire area surrounding area, loading and unloading area and parking for employees and customers.

  6. Social Name Changed

    Social Name Changed

    The designation VianaPlásticos Lda. Becomes VianaPlásticos S.A.

  7. ISO TS 16949 certification

    ISO TS 16949 certification

    Start of ISO TS 16949 certification process, process that is concluded that same year. In that same year, a change was made in October in the General Directorate of VianaPlásticos S.A. and the General Directorate is assumed by the Founder of VianaPlásticos Rene Galves. This year he began to carry out internal work for the restructuring of the company, creating a Commercial Department that would dedicate itself to developing new clients and supporting current clients, until then this function was assured by the General Directorate

  8. Company adaptation regarding the market conditions

    Company adaptation regarding the market conditions

    Difficult years for the plastics processing industry, falling in the automotive sector, relocation of companies to Asia, forced to rethink the business model of VianaPlásticos, having been years of containment with regard to new investments, either in In terms of equipment and human resources, priority was given to the maintenance of jobs and to the restructuring of the company. It was necessary to comply with the commitments made with the workers and with the investments made up to that time, namely the purchase of the building.

  9. New Cycle

    New Cycle

    After the troubled period in the industrial sector in Europe and with the return of customers to mass production, we returned to investments in the area of production / injection, we acquired two injectors with greater force of closing, one of 110 Ton. and another of 175 Ton. a new period was beginning, there was again a horizon, but there was the alert from the period from 2006 to 2009, there was a need for investment, but always very well calculated.



    Distinction PME Líder is attributed to VianaPlásticos.



    VianaPlásticos is for the first time in its history attributed the distinction of PME Excellence, never before had been distinguished as a Small Medium Company of Excellence, this prize is fruit of the work developed by all the employees of the company, the work developed in the years VianaPlásticos begins a process of modernization of all the equipment, both in the injection sector and in the locksmith sector to support the construction of molds and tools. Decisions are taken to purchase new equipment for the injection area and the Arburg company is selected as the preferred supplier for injection equipment, the policy is simply to have a supplier for this type of equipment and because of the bonds and trust that we have in this company for many years lead us to opt for the decision that all equipment would be of the Arburg brand. An effort is also made to modernize the area of ​​the locksmith shop very important sector in our area, since they guarantee us all the maintenance of the tools in production as well as the construction of prototypes and some of the standard molds.

  12. Increase of Current Installations

    Increase of Current Installations

    Due to the increase in the volume of business, VianaPlásticos begins to think about increasing the existing facilities, the idea is to leave the existing facilities with only the injection part and in the new installations, with 1000m2, install all the assembly part, storage of finished product and raw materials. Although the idea was already to move to the construction of the 1000 m2, a series of constraints were raised that somehow block the construction of the new pavilion, we started then to build only 250m2 taking advantage of the current facilities, but never losing sight of the new pavilion and the idea would be to maintain. By 2016 we have completed the expansion of the existing facilities.

  13. Series of Investments

    Series of Investments

    We started the licensing process for the construction of the new 1000m2 pavilion, and we continue our investments, an internal remodeling is done in the offices, a metrology laboratory is created, equipment for this laboratory is acquired, namely a three-dimensional, and the company continues to invest in the acquisition of new equipment for the production area, two new injectors are acquired, one machine with a 250 ton closing force and the process for the acquisition of a new machine with a closing force of 320 tons. the 2 of the brand Arburg.



    VianaPlásticos is distinguished with the company certificate TOP EXPORTA 2017, as a result of the level of exports that we currently have, exceeds 30%, and we reach markets like China, India, as well as several points in Europe. Investment in equipment for the injection area is maintained and two new injection machines are purchased. Finally we start the construction of the new area of 1000 m2, which will be completed in March 2018.

  15. Industria em Movimento

    Industria em Movimento "A História de um Grande Homem"